Platform: IOS (Mobile application)
Year: 2020-2021
Created with: Adobe XD
Colony is a mobile app for investing in the American stock market.
Today investing in financial markets is much more simple than a few years ago, thanks to technology. Colony takes investing to the next level, allowing you to get recommendations suited to your preferences combined with  a smart algorithm to build a balanced portfolio.
Since we are all investors today, investing is also influenced by  social elements. The app will let you connect with friends and leading investors from the private sector, to see their actions and even invest together as a group, invest any amount, commission free and of course trade in real time.
The app's interface was made easy and affordable to let you actually see the the changes of your portfolio instead of reading endless lists, making it much more fun and intuitive no matter how much experience you have.
Concept board
How do we turn the stock endless lists into infographics? 
Emphasizing the important data and hiding the distractions to get a full and quick preview of your portfolio and relevant stocks.
The Challenge
In a nutshell, my challenge was to create a solution to be the most innovative and competitive stock trade platform. Differentiation was the key, Both UX and UI should be different from all other apps out there in order to break resistance of investing due to lack of knowledge and make investing fun and simple.
 1. How to get people to get more information about the stock market to help them get to know all their possibilities.
2. helping users to instantly understand if their portfolio went up or down and easily take actions accordingly. 
3. Enabling users to invest together so they have more incentive to invest, even small amounts.
4. creating an app that appeals to women who think they don't have enough knowledge therefore don't invest.
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