Platform: Desktop App 
Year: 2014-2015
Created with: Illustrator
Sports broadcasters create some of the most exciting and inspiring content on TV. The cinematic camera movements that put us in the stadium. The drama that unfolds on the field. Expert commentators who excitedly expand each play. They all give us greater insights to the game. It’s a thrilling way to experience and understand our favorite teams.
But for small- and mid-sized broadcasters, it can be challenging to compete with larger networks that produce sports productions, complete with immersive in-game graphics. Smaller teams often have talented commentators, but they need better tools to up their production value.
Avid's Spark is an all-in-one telestration tool for sports broadcasters. Spark enables you to create captivating sports analysis in seconds. Highlight the action with a full library of rich customizable 2D and 3D graphic effects. Call out players with tags that hover overhead or spotlights that follow underfoot. Draw on live video. Even call out pivotal moments with eye-catching effects like Monochrome, which creates a black and white look for the entire scene except for specific players in full color. Completely reinvent your replay analysis in just a few clicks.
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