Platform: IOS + Android
Year: V2.0 - 2022, Created with Figma
            V1.0 - 2018, Created with Sketch
Heron is a small independent robotic unit that allows anyone open any door with just a tap on their phone. Door could open using NFC, wifi, bluetooth or by using the app.
The app was designed to be as simple as possible using the elegance of intuitive user experience. 
The emphasis here is on creating a seamless interface that transcends complexity, enabling users to effortlessly interact with the technology. 
By embracing a minimalist design, the app's layout and interactions are stripped down to their essential elements, eliminating any unnecessary frills. Users can easily navigate the app's straightforward functions, allowing them to unlock doors with a single tap. 
The success of this design hinges on its ability to empower users of all technical backgrounds to interact effortlessly with the app, exemplifying the power of simplicity in enhancing usability and satisfaction.​​​​​​​
clip was made for Beta version of the app.
The Challenge
The challenge at hand involved crafting an app that effortlessly catered to users of all levels, ensuring uncomplicated installation and seamless communication with the associated hardware unit. 
This product, designed for quick installation within seconds and devoid of any need for electrical power, hence, the app needed to mirror the simplicity of the hardware setup. 
The primary goal was to keep the app streamlined by minimizing assets, facilitating easy usage for a diverse user base and delivering an intuitive experience, allowing users to unlock doors within moments, with swift response times.
 Collaborative efforts with engineers, product managers, and operations were pivotal, establishing a holistic product that can work seamlessly.
The scope of work extended to encompass branding the product, preparing materials for Dev., and crafting a promotional clip (on V01), forming a comprehensive approach to the project's success.

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