Heron by Milbat - milbat.org.il
Platform: IOS + Android
Year: 2017-2018
Created with: Sketch
Milbat is a nonprofit public organization operating throughout Israel to enable people with deterioration in their function to enjoy maximum independence by creating an adapted technologic environment for them. Milbat employs of a team of rehabilitation experts and 600 volunteers who combine knowledge in rehabilitation and technology to supply information and to counsel people with disabilities of all ages in order to improve their function and quality of life.
Heron is a small independent robotic unit that allows you to open any door with just a tap on your phone. Especially those heavy doors in public buildings. The app is easy and intuitive, it connects to any door anywhere via Bluetooth whenever you get close, so all you need to do is press open.
The app was created to be as simple as possible to help as many people, from people in wheelchairs, elderly population, parents with babies in their hands or carriage and literaly anyone who has a problem opening heavy doors in public places. 
The Challenge
Creating an easy and simple app for any type of user, simple installation and communication with the unit (hardware) 
The product is cheap and easy to install in seconds, literally. It doesn't require electrical power and allows businesses to obey the accessibility lay, so the app should be as simple as the installation of the product. 
the challenge was to create an app with as little assets as possible so it is very easy to use by anyone and intuitive to let users open doors in seconds - the time of response should be very short.
Working closely with engineers, product managers, operations, and creating all marketing from the beginning ansured trust withing the company.
The job included Branding of the product, investors material and clip.
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