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Year: 2022, Created with Wix/Figma/Photoshop/Illustrator
WIZO, a prominent non-governmental organization (NGO), embarked on a mission to create a pioneering eCommerce platform specializing in the sale of clothing and various second-hand items. 
Drawing upon its wide array of products, industry knowledge, and adept operational capabilities, WIZO aspired to forge the forefront of the second-hand merchandise market in Israel. 
The organization's vision encompassed the establishment of a premier online destination where customers could access an extensive range of pre-owned goods, reflecting its commitment to sustainability and affordability. 
By leveraging its expertise and resources, WIZO aimed to redefine the shopping experience and solidify its role as the leading hub for quality second-hand products, contributing to both environmental consciousness and accessible consumer choices.
Unfortunately, the initiative didn't come to fruition due to a change in management and a shift in investment priorities.
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The Challenge
Creating a new and up-to-date source of income. An opportunity to expand the target audience that purchases from the thrift shop and the overall amount of donation that goes into WIZO and returns to the community. 
There is a need for a strategic response, due to several factors, including:
1. Lack of shelf storage space in the 50 country wide stores.
2.  The impact of COVID-19 leading to decreased foot traffic in physical shops
3. Limited audience - acknowledging the less favorable reputation that has been associated with catering exclusively to those with limited financial means. 
By addressing these challenges, we can not only enhance sales, expand the target audience to reposition the brand with a refreshed vintage-cool aesthetic. but also contribute to the development of a circular purchasing economy centered around second-hand goods, thereby promoting environmental conservation.

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