Platform: Android (Tablet application)
Year: 2018-2019
Created with: Figma​​​​​​​
Selfit Medical is a digital therapy startup focusing on the ageing population. The company has developed a therapist robot for physical and cognitive health mainly for brain and heart conditions.
The Selfie robot interacts with the older adults, guides them trough personalised exercise programs, using AR projection and AI. Selfit's unique human-machine interaction is the future of care delivery in hospitals as well as at home.
The dashboard creates specific health programs and monitors the progress of the patients to create an easy to use, all in one product to manage the progress of patients. 
Concept board
creating a tablet dashboard that will provide an easy navigation between creating new health programs and reviewing all collected data.
The Challenge
Creating a system that can:
1. Create easy and simple health programs based on a learning algorithm.
2. Organise all data and history for patients and therapists to view progress.
From the start we wanted to be sure to create a system that therapists could manage easily and patients could work by. the app syncs with a robot that guides through the program, takes care of safety, compliance and better outcomes.
Working closely with engineers, product managers, operations, and creating all marketing elements from the beginning to have an innovative brand.
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